About us

  • Veranda Tavern is a small family story that is developing year after year and gets its new sequences. With each new guest visiting our story becomes richer for a new member and new memories are being created.

    Family as the foundation of our vision of developing a job, carries all the values ​​we want to convey to the guest and the food we serve. We cook as best we know, from heart to heart. They would describe their kitchen as a combination of mummies, grandchildren, grandparents, grandparents, family kitchens. All the flavors we have ever experienced through life and who have remained in our memory as something good, delicious and beautiful. As something valuable to transfer and memory.

    "We serve memories" is our guiding idea, the memories we have and what we want to share and convey to you. If we succeed in staying in your memory, we have achieved our goal.

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  • Our Tavern is located in a small village, a suburb of Dubrovnik, called Štikovica. There are city bugs, hidden and valuable searches, believe us. Our recommendation is not to use Google Navigation as it takes you 20km in route, instead of eight to ten as it is actually from Dubrovnik to us.
    Our recommendations are, the waze.com application and bing.com maps, we also include links to get us from different locations.
    Of course there are always taxi and uber.





    Konoba Veranda -`we serve memories`








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